Quilts that tell your story –

Thread Dancer Design Studio tells your story through your t-shirt collection. For some, that story is about passions and family. For others, it's about business and organizational values. 

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination... and your T-shirt collection.

Dedication to details, along with years of experience in traditional quilt making and artistic design goes into each quilt to preserve your memories. The result is a custom product reflecting your life experiences, unique to you.

Prices include all materials, borders and quilting.

T-Shirt Quilt Details

A Thread Dancer quilt exceeds expectations, integrating the finest materials with exceptional craftsmanship and design. Extraordinary details are standard features in each quilt.

Details such as these make the difference when choosing a quilt maker for your T-shirt collection. Please contact me to answer any questions you might have about my process.

Design detail:

A T-shirt quilt is a custom product. I cut your shirts to include the entire graphic, and then arrange them to fit the quilt size you want. This is where the elements of design such as contrast, repetition, balance and color artistically come together to create your quilt.

Stabilizer detail:

The T-shirts need to endure the construction process, daily use, and repeated laundering. So a lightweight stabilizer is applied to prevent stretching and give well-worn T-shirts extra life while maintaining their softness and flexibility.

Quilting detail:

Quilting secures the layers. The quality is visible in the stitches per inch and closely quilted spaces, which creates lasting durability. Thread Dancer uses a consistent pattern of quilting, flowing seamlessly over the entire quilt. This adds an attractive texture to the surface, without distracting from the graphics on your T-shirts.


Binding detail:

The binding or edges of a quilt get the most wear, so your quilt is machine finished with a double-folded binding. The T-shirt quilts are generously sized and hand-crafted for durability, incorporating natural fibers for comfort.


Fabric details:

Considering comfort, tradition, and longevity, I use premium cotton fabric. All fabric is pre-washed to limit shrinkage and fading. I will choose colors that complement your T-shirts, or leave it up to you.

Caring for your quilt:

Prolong the life of your T-shirt quilt with care. They are made to withstand use and repeated washings, but not harsh chemicals or abuse. I recommend washing with a mild detergent in cold water on a gentle cycle, and drying on a low heat setting.

Environmental impact:

I love that the nature of my work supports the reuse of items we all have in our wardrobe, the classic T-shirt. In the spirit of sustainability the discarded portions of your T-shirts are donated to be recycled into other new, useful products.