How to Order a T-Shirt Quilt

Please include the completed order form and a 50% deposit with your T-shirts. I will contact you when I receive your order. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Certain times of the year (including graduation and Christmas) are booked well in advance, resulting in longer delivery times. It is best to contact me to guarantee the delivery of your quilt.

To ensure the best possible quality, please send shirts that are in good condition and freshly laundered without the use of fabric softeners. Well worn shirts can be included, but may compromise the longevity of your quilt.

Please send the entire shirt, uncut, and label what you want included from each shirt (front, back, sleeve, pocket, etc.). Pricing is based on the number of pieces used for the quilt size you want. Each printed area that is used counts as one shirt, (or one piece). Blue painter's tape works well for labeling pieces.

A Thread Dancer T-shirt quilt is generously sized. The price includes premium materials for the sashing between the shirts, borders, backing, batting, and quilting. As a custom quilt, sizes are approximate and may vary from standard bed size measurements.

Custom T-Shirt Quilt Pricing

Please note:

Base pricing is determined by the number of pieces per quilt size. Additional pieces may be sent and included in your quilt at $15 each with the expectation that they will fit into the quilt size you order. Most of the time this is not a problem with a custom quilt, but sometimes it is unknown until the initial design process is completed. Please communicate your wishes upon ordering.

Up to 12 Pieces - Small throw

approx. 54x68 $460

Up to 15 Pieces - Large throw

approx. 54x86 $530

Up to 20 Pieces - Twin size

approx. 70x86 $620

Up to 30 Pieces - Full size

approx. 85x96 $760

Up to 36 Pieces - Queen size

approx. 96x96 $870

Up to 42 Pieces - King size

approx. 112x96 $1200