Art that tells my story-

Fabric is everywhere - in constant contact with all our senses. Its familiarity is comforting. We wear it, work in it, sleep under it, and admire its beauty and functionality on a daily basis. Fabric is my medium. I apply the details.

These details were acquired from both parents. My mother nurtured an appreciation for textiles, color and precision with a needle. The ability to solve construction challenges were shaped by observing my father as he designed, built and repaired everything from furniture to toasters. A combination of skills and appreciation that I have used to execute my own work.

Creating is a meditative, sensory process where time stands still as I audition a variety of textiles or create elements that might provide interest and texture to complete the piece. The fine hand stitched details invite the observer to take a closer look at the layers of fiber, thread and textures. I find contentment in the spontaneous, organic process of working abstractly to express and communicate life’s stories as they relate to our daily experiences… surrounded by fabric.

Living in the state of Washington helps me tell my story. I find inspiration for my intuitive, abstract art, and renewal for my soul, while hiking forested trails and paddling quiet Northwest waters. I have always been fascinated with textiles as an art medium, leading to my studies of textiles as both function and art at Central Washington University. The individual interpretation and mystique of abstract expressionism is reflected in my work through organic layering and finely stitched detail.

Established in 2006, Thread Dancer Design Studio is a licensed, professional studio,nestled in the historic hamlet of Millwood, Washington, near the Spokane River.

Professional Memberships

Artist Trust of Washington
National Museum of Women in the Arts
Studio Art Quilt Associates
Surface Design Association (Washington}